Saturday, September 11, 2021

How to Check Your Village Grant use Details in official goverment website ?

 How to Check Your Village Grant use Details in official goverment  website ?

Today, we are going to disclose to you a connect to an administration site ( that you can make a critical commitment to the improvement of your town, your locale and your nation, however you can see that How much cash has been given by the legislature for the development of your town (this information is totally true), on the off chance that you discover any inconsistency, at that point you can submit a question legitimately to the formal proceeding.

How to Check Your Village Grant

  1. Step 1 First click on the link below
  3. Step 2. You can pick your language as per your inclination, simply here English, Hindi and Punjabi have a choice. … see the picture
  4. Step 3. Here you will pick your arrangement and name of your state and snap on GET REPORT, after which you will get some information about the arranging unit, For instance in the event that you need to perceive how much cash this year in your town If you have originated from the administration side then you will pick the alternative of GRAM PANCHYAT
  5. Step 4 After that you will be asked that you live in the district panchayat, you will select the name of your district
  6. Step 5 In the wake of choosing the locale panchayat, you will choose the name of your Janpad Panchayat or Block, For instance – If I need to perceive how much cash the administration has given in my town in 2017-2018,
  7. Step 6. After the Gram Panchayat, you will be asked the name of village PANCHYAT, after that you will click on GET REPORT.

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