Thursday, September 9, 2021


13 of the Best Apps That Pay You to Walk

This list started out a long time ago with just five apps, and now there are a TON of different apps coming out that promise cash for steps. A lot of them aren't good, some of them are great. 

I tried to find the best ones, but there's a chance I missed some, so feel free to let me know. Also, these apps are being updated all the time, so things may be different when you're reading this. I'll try to keep this article as updated as possible.

1. SweatCoin

Sweatcoin app preview
  • Who can join: Anyone 13 years or older internationally.
  • Platforms: iOS, Android.
  • Ways to earn: Walking, referrals.
  • Payout options: PayPal, gift cards, physical products, digital products, product discounts, charity donations, vacations.

SweatCoin was one of the first free paid-to-walk apps on the market and it's still probably the most popular.

The app used to only count and pay for outdoor steps, but now it counts all kinds of steps whether it's on a treadmill, mountain, or just around the house.

1,000 steps = 0.95 Sweatcoin, which can be redeemed for various products or experiences, or traded with friends within the app.

The rewards on SweatCoin change daily so I suggest you save your SweatCoins until you see something you really like.

2. Optimity (Previously Carrot Rewards)

Optimity app iphone screenshots

Optimity is the revived Carrot Rewards app, which was a Canadian paid-to-walk app that launched in British Columbia in 2015, expanded to other provinces, only to shut down in 2019 due to lack of funds…

Right now Optimity is still pretty new, so the rewards section is lacking a bit. All they currently offer are raffles, More Rewards points, and Petro-Points. Hopefully they add some more variety soon.

Luckily, the earning opportunities on Optimity have stayed pretty similar to what they were on Carrot. You can get paid to:

  • Take steps (obviously) – You'll have to hit your daily goal to earn gems, with steak bonuses if you hit multiple days in a row.
  • Read and quiz yourself – Just like in Carrot Rewards, Optimity has a “Learn & Earn” section with easy rewards opportunities and interesting facts.
  • Step together – You can challenge a friend to hit your step goals together.
  • Refer friends

For each of these tasks you'll earn gems, which can be exchanged for the rewards I mentioned above. Right now 1,000 Petro-Points ($1 off) costs 9000 gems, so 90 gems = 1 cent. That's pretty rough.

If they can start offering higher payouts and better rewards, Optimity would be awesome. For now, I'll be hoarding my gems.

3. Runtopia

Runtopia app preview

Runtopia focuses heavily on helping you improve your fitness while giving you rewards as a bonus. They allow you to set exercise goals for running, walking and cycling, and you can even have an audio coach play during your workouts.

They also have training programs built into the app to help you get warmed up, stretch, lose weight, and more. Some of the features require a premium membership but most are completely free. 

As you exercise with Runtopia, complete daily tasks within the app, and participate in the community, you’ll earn Sports Coins. Sports Coins can be redeemed for products, free memberships, coupons, and even PayPal cash!

One important thing to note is that Sports Coins expire every year on March 1st. Make sure to use them up before then!

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